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Runs on all iDevices

Live testing on many iDevices made it possible to achieve the high quality of this app.

Fully Customizable

We made sure the countdowns are as customizable as possible. This allows you to change any property of the countdowns at any time.

Back in time!

The dynamic structure of DayCounter even allows you to set countdown start points in the past. With this feature you can see the progress you have already made.

Multiple Countdowns

You can add as many countdowns as you wish. They will be stored directly on your iDevice and get updated in real time.


DayCounter is already prepared for iOS 7 and gets tested continuously with newer iOS versions.

Custom Animations

Custom Animations are one of many things, which makes DayCounter unique. Specific animations are used within the app to visualize timeframes which are already past away.

Multiple Languages

We are still working hard to provide as many languages as possible to make this app available all over the world. Currently included are English, German, Greek, Spanish, French, Indonesian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian and simplified Chinese.